English Edition
English Edition

       The school of Economics and Management is built on three goals, which are training creative interdisciplinary talent, leading the development of the industry with innovative concept, and giving back to the society. We are making progress in the academia with professionalism, endeavor, comprehensiveness, and competitiveness. The school not only structured in economics and management, but also has a unique feature in media economy and media management. We engage to train our students to develop an innovative mind. Practice them in real life experience to become a good leader with management skills. Meanwhile, we are the research center for studies in media economy, media management, and creative-culture industry.
        The school was able to attract funding from multiple corporations. Based on the funding, the regional Economic Research Institute was founded in September, 2014. At present, the institute has already started many academic research projects, such as the development of regional economy, urban sprawl, investment of creative-culture industries, minority culture and economy, safety of alternative energy, territorial planning, urban identity and brand advertising. The school is able to provide theoretical support and consulting services for government and enterprises through its research. Hence, the platform was created for government, enterprise and the institute to work with one another.
        The school of Economics and Management is consisted of four departments, which are Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Public Administration. Overall, there are 1,100 students in our school, including 200 graduate students and 900 undergraduate students. The school also has 1 PhD program, 5 disciplines master degree programs, 1 master's direction, and 10 undergraduate programs.
        There are 85 teachers in our school, including 15 professors, 28 associate professors. Among them, 75 are full-time teachers. Two of our teachers are the winner of the “New Century Excellent Talents Project Support Program” given by Chinese Education Department. Also, two of our other young teachers are the winners of “Huo Yingdong Teacher Fund Prize”. In addition, we have more than 20 government officials, industry elite, famous scholars and experts as our enterprise mentors and visiting professors.
        The school has always been trying to educate the students with the most advanced teaching method. We are not afraid to change the ways of teaching, in order to keep up with the progress of modern society. By doing so, the quality of education has been constantly improving. To help our students to become a creative interdisciplinary talent, the school has been working with different enterprises to create opportunity for students to gain experience in real life. Our teaching emphasize on helping students with comprehensive skills and responsibility.
        Also, the school has built many research teams to promote academic exchange and create an academic environment. The teams are constructed by different levels of experts from academic leader to key researchers. As a result, our research teams have achieved breakthroughs in 5 different aspects, including the International Cooperation Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the National Social Science Fund Project and papers of SCI and SCCSI. Moreover, 6 academic exchange platforms were created along with the teams, including academic salon, Experts Forum, Entrepreneurs Forum, Presidents Forum, Cultural and Media Leads Forum, and the magazine of Economics and Management Strategies. There are several research centers are built, which enhance research power of the school.
        In recent years, the scale of international academic cooperation of the school is increasing. Different projects, involving North America, Europe, and Asia, were created. At the same time, the school is committed to cooperate with foreign academic institute in student training and academic exchange. Currently, we have a master program of Business in International Media, which is collaborated with University of Westminster in Britain, and a MBA program, which is collaborated with Missouri State University in United States. The school encourages our students and teachers to study abroad. Each year, we have sent at least 2 teachers and multiple students abroad for academic purpose.
        The School of Economics and Management has established practice base with more than 20 well-known domestic media organizations and cultural enterprises, which provides many opportunities for teachers and students in real life training.